Bonnie ZoBell: My Writing Process: Blog Tour

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Today I'm taking part in the #MyWritingProcessTour. It's so interesting and instructive to see how other writers go about their work. I was nominated by  my friend, Susan Tepper, writer extraordinaire.  Be sure to get a copy of Susan's latest book, The Merrill Diaries, beautifully written and a thought-provoking romp through the U.S. and parts [...]

Myra Sherman’s Captivating New Collection, JAILED

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When Myra Sherman, author of the disturbing and affecting new short story collection, JAILED published by Desperanto, creates scenes and characters in jails, she knows of what she speaks. These dazzling stories are full of authentic details. Her characters are heart-breaking. You become so engrossed you prefer to read way too late at night trying [...]