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West Coast Interviews: Claudia Smith

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Claudia Smith's stories have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies.  She is the author of the short-short collections The Sky Is A Well (reprinted in Rose Metal Press's A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness: Four Chapbooks of Short Short Fiction by Four Women, and Put Your Head In My Lap (Future Tense Books), and most recently Quarry Light (Magic Helicopter Press). Bonnie ZoBell:  [...]

New story in Wigleaf

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  I'm very pleased to have had my story "Graveyard" accepted by Wigleaf. The story is quirky and somewhat fun, though also a little sad, but I love the Dear Wigleaf entries on the site just as much as I like the stories. I had a lot of fun writing one of those.  

So Say We All’s Masked/Unmasked

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I read recently for So Say We All, a great arts organization in San Diego that does all kinds of wonderful things for arts, for kids, and for the community. Justin Hudnell, So Say We All's Executive Director, a young guy and a writer himself, has brainstormed this wonderful artists haven only in the last [...]